Pedicularis densiflora Indian Warrior Leaf and Flower Herb Musculo skeletal

Indian Warrior~ A Sacred Native American Flower and Potent Tension Reliever!

In certain native american tribes the plant was used for its psychoactive and medicinal properties. They sought after this plant for its useful relaxing and tension relieving effects. Learn more here!
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Bobinsana Sacred Plant Teacher for Healing Grief and heartbreak to Shamanic Lucid Dreaming, Advanced Lucid Dreaming. Calliandra angustifolia BOBINSANA LUCID DREAM HERB

Bobinsana~ From Help Healing Grief and Heartbreak to Shamanic Lucid Dreaming!

The plant is typically taken on a special diet or during shamanic ceremonies for opening and healing the heart, to enhance empathy, to deepen one’s connection to nature and provide grounding.
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Asparagus cochinchinensis Lucid Flying Dreams Wild Red Asparagus Root Tian Men Dong Yin Tonic heart health Asparagus officinalis LUCID DREAM HERB

The Top 5 Health Benefits of Wild Red Asparagus Root

Wild asparagus root is a herb both used spiritually and physically. This isn't just your run of the mill Asparagus (Asparagus officinalis) that you grow in your vegetable garden.
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Hey there dreamers,

We are currently updating our blog post section. Please feel free to check back in a few weeks if you are interested in learning more about dream herbs and lucid dreaming!


Dream Well,

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