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The Top 5 Health Benefits of Wild Red Asparagus Root

Wild Asparagus Root Tian Men Dong Asparagus cochinchinensis LUCID DREAM HERB

Wild asparagus root is a herb both used spiritually and physically. This isn't just your run of the mill Asparagus (Asparagus officinalis) that you grow in your vegetable garden. It's actually a wild type of asparagus (Asparagus cochinchinensis) related to the common asparagus you typically find in your local grocery store or that you may grow yourself. This special herb has been grown for its medicinal qualities in China for over 2000 years and it's much different. Rather than the aerial spear used in various cuisines, the root is specially prepared and used as a natural herbal medicine.

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) it's called "Tian Men Dong" which translates as Heavenly Spirit Root (or lush winter aerial plant). This root has some amazing health benefits. Below are the top 5 health benefits of Wild Asparagus Root! (You can find high quality wild red asparagus root here)

#1- The Lungs The Chinese say that "wisdom comes from the lungs." and that's why we can see this herb play such an important role in our lung health both on a spiritual level and of course a physical. It is a powerful but gentle tonic for the lungs and it helps to moisten dry lungs. It would be great for smokers, exposure to toxins, dry environments and for people with dry coughs. The viscous phytochemicals in the root may help moisten the lungs, address respiratory issues and improve overall respiratory health. This herb assists your body's natural ability to produce mucus, breathe easy and sing all day! It's a great way to keep your lungs healthy and clean!

#2- The Skin Beautiful skin is a sure sign of pure blood and healthy lungs. Many Tibetan Buddhist monks revere this herb and say that it's why they're skin is so soft and they look so young. This root contains vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that naturally promote soft, smooth, supple healthy skin from the inside out!

#3- Mental Happiness Taoists claim that by consuming Wild Asparagus Root a person gains the ability to fly. No your not actually going to fly! This flying symbolizes the ability to rise above things that are mundane and is the freedom of Spirit that can be experienced when one has attained harmony. Among its ability to help with the lungs and skin it can help one cultivate an increased sense of compassion, opening the heart center and relaxing an overactive mind. Many people who take this herb for prolonged amounts of time say that it plays an important role in their overall state of well-being.

#4- Sexual Health This herb has also been traditionally used as a powerful sexual tonic for both men and women, similar to the ayurvedic herb Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus). Its ability to open the heart, relax the mind and restore bodily fluid plays a key factor as an aphrodisiac and sexual tonic. The nutrients contained in the root are known to help infertility, promote moisture and address sexual inhibitions.

#5- Sleep and Dreaming We all know how important it is to get sleep and for some to dream. Since this herb relaxes the mind and helps reduce stress it can be used as a wonderful sleepy time herbal remedy. The herb is also known as a dream herb or oneirogen. Many people including Taoists report having lucid dreams in which they are flying or soaring through the sky. It's quite a freeing experience that most anyone (with practice) can have!

Now that you've learned some valuable information on this special herb. You can put it to the test. Whether in tea, tincture or capsules this herb is surely worth looking into! K

Keep in mind not all herbs are for everyone. We've got a grown chemical free Wild Red Asparagus Root Here and our highly potent dual extracted 2:1 Tincture Here!

Thank you all so much for caring about yourselves, these plants, your environment and your communities. We appreciate the support, excitement and friendliness from all of you.

Dream Well,

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