The Dream Bean- Mystical Lucid Dreaming Aid and Good Luck Charm!

The Dream Bean- Mystical Lucid Dreaming Aid and Good Luck Charm!

African Dream Bean Climbing Vine Plant Entada rheedii/phaesioloides

A relative of common legumes, this vigorous climbing perennial vine is so widespread that it grows on every continent adjacent to the Indian Ocean, and in almost every country with tropical-subtropical climates. Its Latin name is Entada rheedii. St. Thomas Bean (Entada phaseoloides) may also be used interchangeably. Due to the hardiness of the seed shell, the African dream bean can float across vast lengths of ocean to many different countries. The species can be found in parts of Asia, India and Australia. The seed pods are enormous, growing well over 5 feet and contain a dozen or so beans.

Traditionally the bean is specially prepared in several different ways depending on what its intended use is for. The prepared meat of the bean as a tasty coffee substitute and even making a salve or ointment out of it. The meat of the seed should never be consumed raw, it must be roasted and made into a tea or dried, combined with various herbs and used before sleeping. It’s in the same family of botanicals as many other well known entheogenic plants and the ancient mysterious hallucinogen Caesalpinia sepiaris (Yuh shih).

"...use the dream bean to connect with the spirit world, inducing vivid dreams, some would say even prophetic."

Traditionally in India and Africa people use the dream bean to connect with the spirit world, inducing vivid dreams, some would say even prophetic. These dreams are used to help the people and communities find better hunting grounds, watering holes and help those who are ill. These dreaming practices of native peoples are an intrinsic part of their lives and are even found throughout the world's indigenous populations. It makes you think there's more to these practices than meets the eye. Not just for the sake of having interesting dream experiences but that the data and information the dreams presented can be stepping stones to a better life for yourself and your communities. (You can find the beans HERE.)

"the data and information the dreams presented can be stepping stones to a better life for yourself and your communities."

Many people swear by the dream bean's ability to bring clarity, color and vividness to their dreams. This can play an important role in developing lucid dreaming skills. These skills can bring about profound healing, insight and knowledge that you can apply to your life. Getting over fears, safely exploring fantasies, talking with your true self and much more!. Now, that isn't to say this is a shortcut to mastering your ability to lucid dream but it certainly can be an important tool whether you're an expert or you've just started practicing.

"The bean is also said to bring great luck to whoever possesses them."

Among other native uses, a salve or ointment is made from the inner meat of the African dream bean. The meat of the bean is roasted, crushed into a powder, and soaked in coconut oil or other body oils. Applying it to the skin can help aid in reducing tension, tight muscles and muscle soreness. 

Entada rheedii phaseoloides seed pod and beans GOOD LUCK CHARM LUCID DREAM HERB

In some areas of both India and South Africa the bean is used as a coffee substitute due to its nutty flavor and aroma. The bean is also said to bring great luck to whoever possesses them. It's one of the reasons they are used in art and jewelry to this day. (Get your own beans HERE.) Due to the rareness here in the West, most people keep them as good luck charms. If you're looking to use the bean yourself. Easier said than done. There's a specific way that its traditionally prepared.

NOTE: DO NOT EAT RAW! Much like the process of roasting raw cashews or cooking spinach, rhubarb or certain types of legumes, the dream bean also needs to be processed. The seed meat must be roasted in order to make it usable. Allergic reactions may occur if the herb isn't properly prepared. The roasting also activates the beans flavor profile and makes it suitable for tea.

Step 1: Crack open the outer shell (You can put the seed in a small piece of cloth and use a hammer until it cracks open, or alternatively you can use a vice grip or nutcracker)

Step 2: Remove the inner meat (Scrape out and collect the inner white-colored meat from the outer shell, discard the outer shell remnants) Break up the meat if you need to (Break the inner meat into pea-sized chunks)

Step 3: Most importantly dry roast the pea-sized chunks in a saute pan on medium heat until golden brown just like roasting nuts or green coffee beans. (This brings out the aromatic qualities of the herb and activates the constituents for more effective dreaming experiences.) Note: Brings out a toasty peanut butter flavor and can be roasted even darker if you’d like to try it as a coffee substitute.

Some people have found that mixing the roasted powdered herb with their favorite sacred smoking mixtures such as wild dagga, mullein, or lotus petal.

Suggested Amount: DO NOT EAT RAW! Steep ½ tsp of the roasted powdered bean in 1 cup of hot water for 3-5 minutes. You can add sweetener and creamer if you'd like. It has a nutty, peanut butter, macadamia nut type flavor to it (Which makes sense since it's a coffee substitute in some parts of the world) Keep in mind this herb can also be cumulative, so it builds up in your system after a few days. Some get something out of it on day 1 others it may take 5 days or more. Everyone is different so make sure to do your research and have a fun time experimenting with what works best for you. Now that you have some useful information on this sacred and exotic dream bean it's time to put it to good use.

Whether you're looking to advance your lucid dreaming skills, learning something new, having a good luck charm or interested in creating an ointment this dream bean is certainly worth investigating. Thank you all so much for your interest in these rare and curious botanicals. If you're looking for Ethically Wild-Harvested African Dream Beans click HERE!

Dream Well,

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