A Little Known Herbal Secret For Sleep And Stress That You've Never Heard Of!

A Little Known Herbal Secret For Sleep And Stress That You've Never Heard Of!

Mulungu, pronounced ("Moo-lung-goo"), is a rainforest botanical that grows abundantly in the Amazonian forests, marshes and riverbanks. The flowers resemble orange coral thus the tree is sometimes called “Coral Flower”. In Peru, Brazil and other Latin American tropical regions the indigenous peoples have a vast array of uses for this seemingly magical tree no one is really talking about!

Erythrina Mulungu Bark and Flower near Amazon River Sleep Stress Herb

Traditionally Mulungu is taken as a special preparation using macerated bark in alcohol made from cane sugar, called aguardiente or a strong tea (decoction). All parts of the tree are used for various reasons except the root. The bark, seeds, leaves and flowers are all utilized in a multitude of ways. Mulungu is a well-known herb among the Amazonian indigenous as a potent but gently relaxing herb where it is used to aid in deep restful sleep and to calm an overstimulated nervous system. Herbalists and practitioners across the world use mulungu to help reduce stress from agitation or trauma events, to promote healthy sleeping patterns, to aid in calmness and for deep relaxation.

"...useful for people with varying levels of social awkwardness, sadness, unhealthy sleeping patterns, the over doers and the overthinkers."

In modern-day society we emphasize productivity as the pinnacle of success in our daily lives and while understandably so, this lends to over-thinking, over-stimulation and chronic stress on a very deep level. We tend to lean on medications, drugs and overeating to fulfill the desire for less stress in our lives and while these things play a part in our world, they aren't the healthiest activities we could be doing for ourselves. That's why herbs much like mulungu can promote balance where needed, which can help you find more productive healthy behaviors. This herb is potentially useful for people with varying levels of social awkwardness, sadness, unhealthy sleeping patterns, the over doers and the overthinkers. Take care of yourself you deserve it.

 "Among other traditional uses mulungu is a liver and heart supportive herb."

Erythrina Mulungu Bark, Seeds, and Flowers in Bowl Dragonfly sleep stress herb

Among other traditional uses, mulungu is a liver and heart supportive herb. In Peru and many other areas in the Amazon, it's used as a general tonic to promote healthy heart and liver function.  The tree also produces beautiful black seed pods containing large shiny black and red seeds which are made into bracelets, necklaces, dyes and jewelry.

The action of the herb is likely due to the alkaloids found namely in the bark and flowers. The potential properties aforementioned may also include:

  • Relaxation*
  • Soothe Nerves*
  • Healthy Sleep Patterns*
  • Calmness*
  • Happy Tonic*

Now that you have a better understanding of this quite useful rain-forest botanical. It’s time to put it to good use. Whether your looking to help your social awkwardness, relieve tension, get better sleep or just want to try a new herb this plant certainly has some interesting properties worth exploring!

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Thank you all so much for caring about yourselves, these plants, your environment and your communities. We appreciate the support, excitement and friendliness from all of you.

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