Pedicularis densiflora Indian Warrior Leaf and Flower Herb Musculo skeletal

Indian Warrior~ A Sacred Native American Flower and Potent Tension Reliever!

Indian warrior buds Pedicularis densiflora Musculo skeletal tension relief

Indian warrior is becoming hugely more popular as a sacred botanical and a useful herb. It's magenta buds look like small bursts of deep red flames clustered together like little flower warriors ready for whatever life may present. It's latin name is Pedicularis densiflora. There are also several other species of pedicularis that have similar properties that we will mention below. 

This plant has been sought after since Native Americans roamed the land and was used for it's beneficial effects and medicinal properties even before the first colonies arrived. Their traditional use of the herb still holds true to this day. It's a well sought after plant for it's usefulness in relieving tension, restlessness and promoting relaxation. Out of all the pedicularis species Indian warrior is said to be the most potent. Though we have found a blend of the different types offer a more effective full spectrum experience then one species alone. (You can check out our blended tincture here)

To this day gardeners, herbalists and health conscious people into natural herbs use these unique species as a super relaxing tension reliever. Indian warrior and it's friends are very useful for addressing back pain, from the spine up. 

As a precautionary note this herb may help alleviate sore muscles and aid in comfortable rest, however only temporarily. Don't assume your issues are gone and overexert yourself, unknowingly causing further imbalance or reinjury. So it is wise to use these pedicularis species as stepping stones while you address the underlying issues by taking the proper measures IE going to a chiropractor, physical therapy and seeing your physician, what ever it may be.

The computer hunch back from pandemic lane. This herb may be of great benefit to people who use computers at a desk on a regular basis. Especially now that so many of us are working from home. While it is indeed useful for back related issues, it can also be applied to many other body imbalances such as tight over strained shoulder, neck, jaw and cranial muscles. As an important side note this herb is fantastic if taken right before a massage therapy session, during yoga classes and for meditations. It can also help reduce the need for more powerful pain remedies.

"As a side note this herb is fantastic if taken right before a massage therapy session, during yoga classes and for meditations..."

An advantage to these types of relaxing herbs is that they don't dull your mind or numb your senses, so it's easier to go about your day without feeling over-sedated or foggy minded. With a good general record of safe use, negative side effects are quite uncommon with Indian warrior and it's relative pedicularis species. Check out the beautiful flowers of the various types!

Indian Warrior Pedicularis densiflora, Parrots Beak pedicularis racemosa, Elephants Head pedicularis groenlandica, Cobras Head pedicularis bracteosa, muscle tension reliever

This plant can also be used for shamanic, yogic or even for lucid dreaming practices. It's called Indian warrior or Warriors plume because the flowers look like fiery Indian headdresses but also because it can help you be fierce like a warrior in times of stress, conflict and trauma. Facing life's issue with a calm and collected approach can be paramount in finding healing, balance or resolution.

Relaxation is key to accessing your ability to focus, meditate and learn. So it can be a useful tool for those seeking to advance their skills in this way. Many people report of deep restful sleep and intense meaningful dreams when used right before bed.

"Many people report of deep restful sleep and intense meaningful dreams..."

It’s always best to have an experienced person show you where the right places are to harvest, especially for pedicularis species. They are known as hemi parasitic plants. That means they're roots feed off of all the roots of other nearby plants. If another plant produces unsafe chemicals this plant may also contain it. Some of the plants that it parasitizes contain potentially toxic phytochemicals, so for all you “wild-harvesting, do it yourselfers, or inexperienced gardeners” avoid harvesting the herb if there are poisonous plants growing near it, you never know what roots the Indian warrior or other pedicularis species are feeding off of, even if they are grown in your own garden. 

"It’s always best to have an experienced person show you where the right places are to harvest, especially for pedicularis species."

Harvesting near plants like bindweed, nightshades, poison ivy, poison oak, aconite, arrowgrass among others, should be completely avoided. It is difficult to know exactly how much pedicularis you would have to ingest and if the potentially toxic constituents were bioavailable. It's best to avoid that possibility by any means.

The buds are typically harvested and dried before use though the whole fresh plant can be made into a tincture. Indian warrior can be made into a tea or tincture for best results. Traditionally the dried buds were smoked either alone or mixed with other herbs like mullein or tobacco. This herb combines well with other herbs and can be found to enhance the overall effects. Herbs like Corydalis, Blue lotus and Mulungu work well together.

"This herb combines well with other herbs and can be found to enhance the overall effects."

For tea 1-2 tsp of herb is steeped in 1 cup of hot water for 3-5 minutes. Drink tea as needed.

For the tincture, the suggested amount will depend on the individual. We have different body types and responses. Everyone is different, so for some they may need less, others may need more. The tincture we carry is a full spectrum blend of Indian Warrior, Cobras Head, Elephants Head and Parrots Beak. Start with a few drops and see if it's the right fit for you. (Pedicularis Power Tincture)

Now that you have some super useful information on Indian warrior and its friends, it's time to put it to good use. Whether you're looking to use it for relaxation, tension or being fierce like a warrior this may be the right herb for you!

Thank you all so much for your interest in these rare and curious botanicals.

Dream Well,

DCB Team

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