Guayusa (Ilex guayusa)


Ethically Wild-Harvested Guayusa Leaf (Ilex guayusa) from Ecuador

Guayusa pronounced “WAH-U-SAH”, is an excellent tasty and stimulating drink. Unlike other caffeinated drinks, most people never experience the so-called “Shakes” or “Jitters” associated with over-caffeination. In many areas of the Amazon people use the herb like green tea to sharpen their instincts during long travel expeditions, hard days work and it’s called “The Night Watchman's Plant” for a very good reason, its ability to keep you alert and awake during the night. Interestingly enough though it contains a high content of caffeine, Guayusa is a well-known dream herb used to help induce vivid prophetic dreams.

What is Guayusa good for?

  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Dream Clarity/Vividness
  • Energizing
  • Shamanic

If you’re really curious about its dream-inducing qualities, make your tea and set it at your bedside, make sure to set your alarm to 4 am, when the alarm goes off, wake up for a few minutes and drink your Guayusa tea. Then go back to bed. Yes, it may interrupt your sleep a bit but it’s well worth it. I hope you’ve enjoyed this awesome info!

Suggested Use: Steep 1 tsp of herb in 1 cup of hot water for 3-5 minutes. 

Cautions:  Do not use if you are trying to conceive, are pregnant/lactating, have a medical condition or taking any medications. Consult with your doctor before using. Keep out of the reach of children.

Ingredients: Guayusa Leaf (Ilex guayusa)

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